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Find the right tiles at your tile warehouse

Take a trip to your local tile warehouse and you will see hundreds of different tiles, which you might think are perfect for your project. However, whilst tiles all look similar, they do have slight differences that need to be considered.

So, whilst one tile might be good for your kitchen wall, it won't be so good for the bathroom floor. As choosing tiles can be a somewhat confusing process, it can be good to narrow down your choice before you start looking at colours and patterns. The Ceramic Tile Warehouse takes you through the options.


Tile Warhouse

What tiles are good for floors?

When looking for floor tiles, make sure you choose something that is slip resistant, as they are most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms where it's easy to get water on the floor.

For these areas, ask your tile warehouse about tiles that have a rougher surface and ignore the call of the shiny polished tiles. Mosaic tiles can also be a good option as they have a smaller ceramic area, so the grouting can help give extra grip. A mosaic tiled floor can also look great and make a real statement in a room.

As porcelain tiles can withstand a lot of traffic and clay-based ceramic tiles are extremely durable and easy to care for, both are further good options to use on the floor.

One other thing to consider with floor tiles is the grout, as you may want to steer clear of white and use a darker colour so that it doesn't stain. Your tile warehouse will have a number of different colours.


What about tiles for walls?

Luckily when it comes to tiles for the wall, pretty much anything goes, so visit your local tile warehouse and look at everything!

However, to help with your choice, ceramic tiles are always the most popular choice for a kitchen, as they are hard-wearing and water resistant. For bathroom walls, although ceramic tiles will do a perfectly good job, porcelain tiles have a higher density, so you will get more longevity.

If you want the look of natural stone, but are on a budget, then you can't go wrong with porcelain tiles, but unglazed tiles will need sealing, whether used in a bathroom or kitchen.

How can my local tile warehouse help with exterior tiles?

As well as many tiles to use in the home, your tile warehouse will also have plenty that can be used in a garden.

Tiles for outdoor use need to be resistant to rainy weather and, as we live in the UK, cold frosty mornings. Therefore, you will need to choose tiles that don't absorb too much water or damage when the weather freezes. For this reason, your tile warehouse will recommend using porcelain tiles, as they do have a very low water absorption rate.

Get advice from your local tile warehouse

If in doubt, speak to your local tile warehouse, who will ensure you get the right tile for the right project. At the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, we have over one million tiles in stock so our team of experts certainly know what they are talking about.

Also on site are our Art of Living Group colleagues, Park Street Interiors, who have a fantastic selection of kitchens and bathrooms, and Stone Gallery whose range of natural stone will add a touch of inspiration to any home.

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