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Five unusual ways and places to use tiles

The beauty and durability of tiles have made them a favourite material for interior decor for hundreds of years. The obvious places to use tiles is within the kitchen and bathroom, on both walls and floors, but tiling doesn't have to stop there; there are many ways of using wall tiles and floor tiles to create a little bit of tile magic within your home. So get your creative tiling juices flowing, and think about how you could use tiles in an unusual way!


Floor Tiles

Create a mini-spa

Bathrooms are one of the most popular places to use tiles, but that doesn't mean that bathroom tiling has to be bog-standard.  A really unusual but luxurious way of using ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, and in particular, mosaics, is to tile your entire bathtub; this may sound strange, but the look you should be aiming for is that of an upmarket spa – think sunken Jacuzzi tub, covered in tiny but exquisite mosaic tiles: a great way of creating your own miniature retreat!


Cool living rooms and bedrooms

Bathrooms and kitchens aren't the only rooms that can benefit from tiling, and whilst tiled living rooms and bedrooms aren't everyone's cup of tea, wall and floor tiles can work really well in these rooms. The type of house has to be right, but just imagine a beach-front house or holiday home, for example, where the rooms have been tiled throughout; any sand brought in from the beach can be swept out quickly and easily, giving you hassle free living. Of course, this is just one example, but tiles shouldn't be ruled out for these rooms; for example, when coupled with underfloor heating, floor tiles can be stylish, warm and low-maintenance.

Hardwood and tile floors combined

It's not unusual to see tiles in the hallway, but how about making a grand entrance by combining hardwood floors with tiles?  It may sound like an odd combination, but entrance halls can have a real wow factor when a section, perhaps the porch, or the floor immediately following the front door, is tiled, with this then giving way to wooden flooring; a tile pathway can even be created through the hardwood floor.  It's important to use good quality tiles in a hall way such as limestone tiles or travertine tiles. You can go along to high street tile shops like Topps Tiles or County Tiles, or for excellent quality, more choice and friendly advice, visit our showroom at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, in Camberley, Surrey.

Create a feature terrace

If you've got a terraced garden, tiles can work exceptionally well and are a durable and low-maintenance way of creating an outdoor space with added wow-factor. Think of Mediterranean inspired tiles and Gaudi's work in Barcelona: brightly coloured, miss-matched tiles will really brighten up any garden, and using them on stepped terraces will give a quirky, holiday feel. Alternatively, why not use natural stone? Travertine and Limestone tiles and pavers are great for external use and create beautiful, subtle steps and terraces.

Feature wall?  Not just for paint and wallpaper!

Don't forget that tiles also make for beautiful feature walls, where traditionally you might have used wallpaper or paint for the same effect.  Chimney breasts tiled with stacked cladding-style tiles are very popular at the moment for those looking to add the rustic look, but an alternative way of creating a tiled feature wall is to install tile art; how about a patterned wall, or even an actual mosaic?  The Original Style range available in stock within the Ceramic Tile Warehouse showroom is just the range to offer you plenty of choice for creating such a look, offering both ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.

The Art of Living: inspiring a little piece of art work within your home

If you'd like to see how you could use tiles in an unusual manner within your home, pay a visit to the Art of Living: not only does the Ceramic Tile Warehouse have over one million tiles in stock at any given time, many of which are speciality tiles, but the Natural Stone Gallery is located within the same business park, to supply you with any natural stone tiles you may need.  And don't let your inspiration stop there: Park Street Interiors are also on hand to create beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.  When it comes to tiles, it's time to think outside the box, and a trip to the Art of Living triangle will help you do just that.

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