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Considerations When Installing Tiles in Commercial Properties

Commercial properties nowadays are becoming more and more impressive in their interior design. Using tiles is a great way of adding style and elegance to commercial premises, but if you're a tradesperson working within the commercial sector, there are some important factors to consider before you lay that first tile. The advice from a tile warehouse will be invaluable if you're not sure what tiles will be suitable for use in the workplace; here are just a few points to consider:


Ceramic Tile Warehouse

Installation costs

Your client may be worried about the cost of installing tiles, but you can reassure them that although the initial outlay will be slightly more than installing vinyl or wooden flooring, in the long term, using tiles in the workplace is very cost effective.  They are durable, will require less maintenance over the years and deliver a very high-end look.  What's more, your tile warehouse will be able to help you to pick the most hard-wearing and suitable tiles for the premises, to ensure your client gets the best value for money from you.


Maintenance and durability

Easy maintenance is important in any commercial property, particularly in high traffic areas.  Here at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Camberley, porcelain tiles are one of our firm favourites, and these are excellent for use in commercial projects.  

Porcelain is suitable for heavy traffic areas and its different colours and forms and the fact it is available in both a matt and polished finish mean you can use it in various areas throughout the workplace. For example, you may wish to use darker colours in high traffic areas to increase its durability further still.  Of course, there are plenty of tiles which are suitable for the workplace, and the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Surrey, can help you pick those which will work. For instance, in areas where fast and easy cleaning is essential, such as in a commercial kitchen, hard-wearing, durable surfaces are a must, and the advice from a tile warehouse will be invaluable to this project.


Complying with health and safety is, of course, of prime concern when installing tiles in a commercial property.  The traction of floor tiles is therefore especially important, even more so in high traffic areas. Speak to the experts in a tile warehouse about the suitability of polished tiles, which despite looking fabulous may be too slippery for the workplace.


Of course, one of the biggest reasons for using tiles, both in residential and commercial properties, is the overall look they create. Choosing a selection of well thought out tiles from the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Surrey, means you'll be able to reassure your clients they will be getting an impressive space in which to work, and a sharp look will encourage productivity too.

Advice and tiles for commercial properties, available at the Art of Living

If you've got a commercial project in the pipeline, visiting the Art of Living, for both advice and tiles, is an excellent place to start. We can help with the knowledge you'll need to reassure your clients that tiles are the best material for the job, as well as supply you with a huge range of tiles to suit all tastes and budgets. Over one million tiles are in stock at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, and beautiful natural stone tiles are available at the Stone Gallery too, which is also part of the Art of Living. And don't forget that for interiors inspiration, Park Street Interiors is located within the same business park, meaning that everything you need for successful commercial trade projects can be found within the same triangle!

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