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Devimat: a Safe and Comfortable Way to Heat your Home

A great way of heating tiled floors is to use underfloor heating. A surface traditionally thought of as cold and uninviting underfoot can be transformed with the simple installation of underfloor heating.



At the Ceramic Tile Warehouse we are proud to stock Devimat undertile heating systems, and rightly so: Devimat is the only brand of undertile heating which conforms to the new BEAB Approval Mark, which has been used as a standard throughout Europe for many years.

Now customers buying floor tiles and under floor heating in the UK can also benefit from the improved safety offered by Devimat.


The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

One of the worries when installing a tiled floor is the idea that it can be cold underfoot. Under floor heating instantly banishes this worry and offers comfortable, radiant heat throughout the room. It's an extremely efficient way of heating your home, and distributes the heat evenly.

Furthermore, the lack of wall mounted radiators means that under floor heating is also space saving, which is a great benefit in traditionally small rooms like conservatories, or in rooms where wall space is of a premium, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Underfloor heating can also be used with hardwood floors.


Safety first: The new BEAB Approval Mark offered by Devimat

Something to bear in mind when thinking about installing underfloor heating is the fact that not all systems offer the same level of safety. The new BEAB Approval Mark, offered by Devimat, provides enhanced safety to homeowners. Under the new approval, underfloor heating should have a maximum output of approximately 100w per square metre.

It will also be compulsory to have a thermostat with floor sensor installed, to ensure that the maximum temperature of the floor cannot exceed 35°C. These two measures will mean that underfloor heating is much safer with regards to burns and household fires.

Devimat is the only under floor heating which already offers these safety standards and bears the BEAB approval mark: if you want to guard against injuries and increase fire safety, Devimat should be your product of choice.


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