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Ceramic tiles – perfect for use throughout the home

We have come a long way from just using plain white ceramic tiles. With glass, porcelain, stone and mosaic options available, to name a few, the vast array of options is endless and tiles are very often used to make a statement.

But now there is a new tile fashion kid on the block meaning that ceramic tiles are leaving the comfort of the kitchen and bathroom and spreading their wings into every room in the house – Tile Art!

Tiles are most definitely not boring. The versatility of them means that they can be used for a number of different projects, in a number of different rooms.


Different Ceramic Tiles

Tile Art

Tile art uses ceramic tiles to create pictures and is fast becoming an increasingly popular way of adding a focal point to a room.

Whether that's using tiles to create a cleanable picture in a child's bedroom, or printing personal images onto tiles to create a bespoke piece of art, a trip to your local tile warehouse is taking on a completely new meaning.

When doing tile art, don't be afraid to use bold colours and patterns to make a standout piece, after all, you might not want a whole bathroom covered in bright pink ceramic tiles, but using a few to create a piece of art will look great.

The Original Style range at Ceramic Tile Warehouse is the perfect place to look, as it has a wide range of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, which would make great pieces of art for a wall.


Ceramic tiles feature wall

Feature walls have become immensely popular recently, with many people using patterned wallpaper or brightly coloured paint on one wall in a room. But how about adding a twist and replacing the wallpaper and paint with ceramic tiles?

Tiles work great on a chimneybreast to give a rustic, Mediterranean look, and have the added benefit of being extremely easy to maintain and keep clean.

With the sheer amount of different tiled options available, adding a tiled feature wall could also bring some extra glamour to a room or give an extremely clean, modern and contemporary feel.

Taking ceramic tiles outside

There is no reason why ceramic tiles can't be used to great effect in a garden adding colour and texture, and we're not just talking about using them on the floor.

Rustic coloured tiles around a water feature or on a wall can, again, give a Mediterranean feel. Mosaic or broken tiles are perfect to give an old table new life, and ceramic tiles of any shape and size not only look great around a bar-be-queue area, but are also very practical too.

Visit the Ceramic Tile Warehouse to create your own piece of art

With over one million tiles in stock, at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, you will be able to find ceramic tiles in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns to help you create your own piece of tile art fit for any room of the home.

Also, don't forget that our colleagues at Park Street Interiors and Stone Gallery are part of The Art of Living group, and will be able to help you with inspirational interiors.

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