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Choose the right tiler for your wall and floor tiles

Your new wall or floor tiles will be an essential part of your home's look and no matter how stylish they are, that look can be so easily ruined if the floor tiles are not laid properly.

A small error can be an eyesore: just one (even slightly) badly positioned tile can spoil both the pattern and the grout line of your carefully chosen floor tiles. Worse, this seemingly small error can be expensive to put right.

Paying the same attention to choosing your professional tiler as choosing your wall or floor tiles will more than repay your time and effort.

Where do I start finding a professional tiler?

Your first stop should be at a tile supplier who supplies contractors. They will be able to recommend professional and experienced floor tilers to you.


Floor Tiles

What next?

Once you have at least 3 names on your list check each one for their credentials. How long have they been professionally laying floor tiles? At least three years is a good period in which to build a client base of satisfied customers. Ask each one for their references and don't be fobbed off with photos (which could have been digitally altered). Insist on seeing at least one installation.


What should I look for?

Here are some key considerations when looking at a floor tiles installation:

  • Look for even spacing between the tile joints and check that the tile grouting is even and straight
  • Is the layout of the wall or floor tiles correct? An experienced tiler will begin from the centre of the room or wall, which means that the 'fractional' wall or floor tiles (those which are at the opposite ends of a pattern) are even in size
  • Check carefully where wall or floor tiles have had to be cut: around a doorway or units, or corner for example, as the finish here will reveal the tiler's skill
  • Look at the overall finish: is it tidy or are there grout splashes on adjacent walls and floors
  • Check with the customer that their floor tiles professional cleaned the area thoroughly at the end of the day's work, leaving everything tidy

Now that you've chosen a reputable professional to lay your new floor tiles, what else do you need to do?

Clear instructions and communications are essential so that there are no misunderstandings. Your tiler can't 'second guess' what you want from your new wall or floor tiles! As well as the quotation for the actual work it's always advisable to get the details in writing, for example, who is responsible for buying the tiles and other materials. Check the direction in which the pattern will run and ensure that your tiler is clear about your wishes. Even a plain rectangular tile can be laid either portrait or landscape, so be sure to discuss this with your tiler. Be precise!

Wall or floor tiles for every style, project and budget

At Ceramic Tile Warehouse we are pleased supply to wall and floor tiles to both trade and private customers.

With over one million tiles in stock we have a comprehensive range of ceramic, porcelain and limestone wall and floor tiles, which have been sourced from highly-regarded manufacturers across Europe and the Americas. Call us on 01276 678 845 or come and visit our showroom in Camberley.

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