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Creating impact with glass mosaic tiles

If you're looking to add some impact to a kitchen or bathroom, you can't go wrong with glass mosaic tiles. With so many colours, patterns and styles to choose from you can certainly add sparkle to a plain kitchen or tranquillity to a bathroom.

As glass is a material that doesn't absorb water, and is therefore resistant to both mould and bacteria, glass mosaic tiles have excellent practical benefits for use in a kitchen and bathroom, as well as just looking good.

Whilst glass mosaic tiles can be a little more expensive than their ceramic tile counterpart, the unique beauty that they will create means it can be worth the extra expense.


Glass Mosaic Tiles

Using glass mosaic tiles in the kitchen

One of the benefits of using glass mosaic tiles as a backsplash is that they do reflect light, so can make smaller kitchens seems bigger. In larger kitchens the light will reflect the glass and make them feel more tactile and luminous, creating a bright and colourful atmosphere.

As glass mosaic tiles react to light so well, one option that will add real impact is to install lights under kitchen cabinets to make full use of their reflective finish.

Due to the contrast between glass and wood, glass mosaic tiles made up of different shades of the same colour look really effective against wooden cupboards. Alternatively, to create impact in a modern, sleek kitchen, dark coloured glass mosaic tiles really stand out with white gloss cabinets.


Using glass mosaic tiles in the bathroom

The bathroom is the room in the house that can really help you ease into the day, so why not give it a look of a boutique hotel or a faraway spa.

Glass mosaic tiles can really help to achieve this, as they will add a depth than can't be achieved by solid ceramic tiles. To add real impact, and a wow factor to a bathroom, consider using glass mosaic tiles on a whole wall, as well as just around the shower, bath and sink areas.

By using different colours of the same glass tiles, you can define dry and wet areas of your bathroom, whilst still creating a sense of cohesion due to the same use of material.

Different options

Glass mosaic tiles can come in many shapes and sizes, from glass that is completely transparent with a coloured backing, to fully opaque glass, and everything in between.

Frosted glass is a popular choice for modern designed bathrooms as it does have a very tranquil and relaxing feel. Whereas, glass mosaic tiles that have unique textures and different shades of the same colour tend to be used in kitchens that have a more traditional look and homely feel.

Glass tiles are also a wise choice for those that are conscious of their carbon footprint as, in many cases, the tiles are made from recycled glass.

Find glass mosaic tiles at Ceramic Tile Warehouse

At Ceramic Tile Warehouse you'll find glass mosaic tiles to suit every taste and style. The team are on hand to help inspire you to create impact with the wide range of glass tiles on offer.

In addition, with Park Street Interiors offering beautiful kitchens and bathrooms, and Stone Gallery stocking a wide selection of natural stone, a trip to The Art of Living Group could give you the inspiration to transform your home.

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