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Bag That Job: Why Your Clients Should Hire Your Professional Tiling Services

Money is tight for many homeowners, and you may have noticed that more and more of your clients are asking for quotes with and without the tiling aspect included. Home improvement shows and magazines are all for shouting about how easy DIY tiling is, but of course, a professional tiler will know all of the tricks of the trade and will bring many benefits to a project. Not to mention the links that professional tilers often have with suppliers, such as the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Camberley, ensuring that you can cater for all of your clients' tile needs.

So here's how to bag that job by reminding your clients of the benefits of hiring a professional tiling service.


Hire tiling services

Time saving

One of the biggest benefits that you can proudly offer your clients as a professional tiler is the fact that you can save them time. Tiling may look like a straight forward job, until the amateur DIY enthusiast tries to do it themselves, that is. Experience counts for a lot, and you know exactly how long a tiling job should take. Not to mention that you can also do all of the preparation work, such as measuring the space, and picking the tiles up from a supplier or tile warehouse to save your clients having to wait in for a delivery or go and collect them under their own steam. Convenience is a big plus point for most people, and the fact that you can do the tiling as part of the bigger project will always help you win the job.


Less waste

They say that you should add 10% onto the number of tiles required to cover the space you're tiling to allow for wastage. A professional tiler knows that this is often way too many, especially as a professional will break fewer tiles during the process, too. As a professional, you'll know how many tiles to order from your local tile warehouse, and will make sure that your clients have got a few spare too - just in case. So why not point out that you can save your customers money through fewer breakages and more accurate purchasing?

A better finish

The biggest benefit that any professional tiler can offer their clients is, of course, the finish. Certain tiles require correct installation, and you can make sure that your customers get the best possible overall look to their project. Whether your clients have gone for natural stone flooring, specialist ceramic tiles or a travertine mosaic border, you can ensure that the finish is perfect - and you can point them in the direction of the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Surrey, to choose their tiles in the first place; after all, with over one million tiles in stock, they'll be able to pick something perfect for the look they're trying to achieve!

Win your clients over with the help of the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Camberley

You can get any new jobs off to a great start by introducing your clients to the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Camberley. We have a huge range of tiles in stock, from gorgeous glass mosaics through to stunning natural travertine, so by recommending us you can show that you really know your stuff right from the off. Don't forget that your clients may also wish to visit the Stone Gallery and Park Street Interiors, also part of the Art of Living group, for more decorating ideas. With the Art of Living, it's easy to show off your professional credentials.

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