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How to Put the Chic into the Shabby Chic Tile Look

Shabby chic is big business at the moment. It's a classic look which mixes high end contemporary interior design with vintage touches. But it can be difficult to pull off, and if you're worried that your room will look less chic and more shabby, it can be a little daunting.

With any shabby chic look, there are some fail-safe ways of creating a charming, homely look without going over the top, and tiles are no exception to this rule. From ceramic tiles through to natural stone travertine and limestone tiles, here's how to put the chic back into your shabby:


Shabby Chic Kitchen

 Patterned tiles 

Tiles patterned with a vintage motif are a pretty way of bringing the shabby chic look into your home.  Whether you're using pictures such as birds and bees in a country kitchen, or colourful sailboats in the bathroom, with over one million in stock at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, you're bound to find a motif to suit your taste.  The key to this look is to use the patterned tiles sparingly in amongst plain tiles of a similar tone and finish – for example, if you're using patterned ceramic tiles with a slightly glazed finish, use the same type of tile for the complementing plain tiles.


 Contemporary brick tiles 

One of the most important things about the shabby chic look is the backdrop you set it against and the way you dress the room overall.  Just because you're looking to create the vintage look, doesn't mean that you can't mix high-end contemporary with it: for example, the brick-shaped tiles which are so fashionable at the moment set off traditional kitchen units, and lift older-fashioned kitchens to make them look modern again, but still leave just enough of a hint of the time-honoured about them.  Look for ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles which are contemporary and have a high gloss finish to mix and match with traditional kitchens.

 Natural stone 

Beautiful natural stone will always look chic, no matter what.  But if you're into the rustic look, natural stone can work wonders.  The natural, earthy tones of the likes of travertine and limestone tiles automatically create a homely atmosphere, and add a touch of luxury to the rustic look.  Natural stone floor tiles in particular add that vintage feel to any farmhouse or country-style kitchen, as they give an authentic touch.

Brick cladding

The exposed brick look is extremely fashionable at the moment, and brings a sense of rustic style to a room.  If you're not quite brave enough to strip the walls back to the bare bricks, or want the option to revert back to ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles at a later date, brick cladding tiles are a great option.  There are a range of brick cladding tiles available in different shades, too, to suit your colour scheme.

More chic ideas at the Art of Living

For more inspiration on how to create the shabby chic look with tiles, why not visit the Art of Living group?  Here at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, we have over one million tiles in stock, so you're bound to find something to suit your needs.  And for rustic natural stone, you need look no further than the Stone Gallery, also part of the Art of Living.  Furthermore, for bathroom and kitchen ideas too, why not make stop at Park Street Interiors for inspiration?  It's easy to put the chic into shabby chic when you know how – and when you've got the support of the Art of Living behind you.

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