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Top tips for installing ceramic tiles

A good tile job can really make the look of a bathroom and there is no reason why installing ceramic tiles cannot be done by a DIYer if they follow these simple tips.


Installing Ceramic Tiles

Get the plan right

Plan where your ceramic tiles will be going. This may sound like a silly tip, but are you just having tiles around the shower area, only halfway up the wall, or are you tiling the whole room? Then measure the area and calculate how many tiles you will need. Also think about whether your tiles need cutting, if so, mark out where to begin tiling so that your pattern looks symmetrical and you get a professional finish.


Make sure you have the right ceramic tiles for the job

There is a wide range of ceramic tiles available, so you will need to check that they are suitable for the area you're tiling. For example, you can use ceramic floor tiles on walls, but wall tiles are not durable enough to be used on floors.

Fixing ceramic tiles to the wall

If your ceramic tiles are going around showers, baths or sinks, use a waterproof adhesive. Using a small, ridged trowel, spread the adhesive over an area, try for around a metre square, then fix the first tile against a horizontal batten at the bottom and press it against the adhesive. To ensure a level finish, the first tile is probably the most important to get right. You can then start placing the tiles next to, and on top of each other, leaving a gap for grouting; plastic space savers are a good idea to ensure that the gap is even.

Cutting ceramic tiles

No matter what your project, you are inevitably going to need to cut a tile and you can pick up the tools needed at any tile warehouse, or large DIY store. Firstly, score along the surface where you need to cut with a tile cutter, then hold a straight line on the cut line and run the cutter along it. It should easily snap apart by holding the tile over a piece of wood.

Grouting ceramic tiles

So, your ceramic tiles are on the wall, the next stage is to grout. Grout comes in two forms, ready mixed and mix-it-yourself; for novice tilers, for ease, we would recommend using ready mixed grout, which should also come with an application tool. Spread the grout between the tiles, making sure that the gap is completely filled, then swoop the tool over the top to get rid of any excess grout – don't worry about getting any on the tile. Once the grout has set for about 15-30 minutes, wipe of the excess grout from the ceramic tiles with water. You'll also need to wash the area the following day to remove all the excess grout.

Call the experts in

If you have a complicated pattern, or a funny shaped room, it might be best to call in the experts to install the ceramic tiles, after all, making mistakes will cost you more time and money.

Speak to Ceramic Tile Warehouse for expert guidance

If you're planning your own tiling job, there is no better place to go than the Ceramic Tile Warehouse. With over a million tiles in stock, not only will you have a fantastic choice of ceramic tiles, but also, our expert staff will be able to answer any questions that you have.

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