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Sleek and Luxurious Tiles for Sleek and Luxurious Commercial Properties

Many commercial properties, such as upmarket office complexes and high-end hotels, look to add a touch of luxury to their interior design through the use of tiles. As an experienced tradesperson, it's likely you've been asked for your opinion on wall and floor tiles to add that special touch to business premises. It's vital to keep ahead of the trends; luxury and style are all important, so make sure any recommendation you make has that something extra special incorporated.


Luxurious Tiles

Large format luxury

Extra large porcelain tiles instantly add the wow factor to any interior décor. Their large format means a room instantly appears modern, streamlined and spacious – perfect, therefore, for commercial tiling needs.

Imagine, for example, the reception of a business premises finished with large scale floor tiles, perhaps using limestone tiles; the space will instantly appear light and open, giving a calm air of efficiency to an area designed to give off a great first impression. An interesting trend in large format floor tiles at the moment is to create a modern skirting by continuing the porcelain tiles a few inches on to the wall, giving clean, contemporary lines.


Lavish bathroom tiles for lavish corporate bathrooms

Just because the bathroom of a corporate property isn't a room which people tend to spend a lot of time in, it doesn't mean clients can afford to ignore this space.

Any event coordinator will tell you a bad bathroom gives a bad overall impression of a venue, and the same is true in businesses and hotels alike. Advise your clients about the danger of visitors feeling uncomfortable in a bathroom that's seen better days, and help them create a luxurious feel to give off the right impression.

How about stylish waterfall effect ceramic tiles in a calming blue? Or porcelain tiles with a subtle glistening effect? Whatever your client decides upon, the effect should be clean and business like, with just a touch of glamour.

High polish for high glamour

A tile trend which never goes out of fashion is that of high polish: glossy natural stone and porcelain tiles will always increase the glamour stakes of any property, and will therefore work wonders in high end business premises. From upmarket hotel lobbies to striking boardrooms, you can't go wrong with high polish.

Luxury for corporate landscapes: The Art of Living

If you find yourself with the task of creating an upmarket feel within a corporate environment, make your first port of call the Art of Living triangle. As a you'll find inspiration at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, with over one million tiles in stock; from simple large format ceramic tiles through to intricate designs inspired by great works of art, you'll be able to find something to recreate the look your client is after. Don't forget our colleagues at the Stone Gallery are also on hand for natural stone tiles for business premises, and Park Street Interiors can help with business furnishings. For trend and style in corporate properties, the Art of Living has it all.

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