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Patchwork floor tiles – dare to mix it up!

As the vintage look has become a modern trend, the rise of patchwork floor tiles and wall tiles has gathered pace. As a quirky and fashionable alternative to the one colour tile, patchwork tiles are the perfect way to create a statement and give any room a feature.

Due to its boldness, it is not a look for everyone, but patchwork floor tiles will give a room a stylish and trendy look for many years to come, and the vintage feel will be enhanced as the floor tiles age.


Floor tiles

How best to use patchwork floor tiles

The patchwork look is perhaps one of the most easily adaptable designs you can choose, as it will work equally as well in traditional and modern homes.

Although they are perfect to use on floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms, why stop there? What about using the floor tiles to create a 'rug' effect in a cosy living room, or make an eye-catching border in a dining room. Just remember to keep the rest of the decoration quite neutral so that the floor tiles are the feature that stands out in the room.

Whilst patchwork floor tiles can give a vintage look, if contemporary is more your style, use the same colour pallet, but mix up the patterns to give a modern twist on the patchwork look.


Get jumbling

Your local tile warehouse will have a range of tiles that are sold together to create the patchwork floor tile look and they are a great place to start. However, if you want to take the look up a pace, see what else they have and jumble everything up.

If you find many different floor tiles that you like, which are all different patterns, textures and styles, just buy one or two of each, as this look means you do not need to make a choice, you can just use them all!

Floor tiles are not just for the kitchen or bathroom

Very often, an entrance hallway in a property is the smallest room in the house, so finding a way to make it stand out can be quite difficult. But, by keeping the walls very neutral and adding patchwork floor tiles, you will be giving the entrance to your home the wow factor.

After all, the Victorians were very big on creating standout designs on hallway floors and a patterned Victorian tiled hallway is one feature that is in high demand from house buyers who are looking for period features.

Get the patchwork floor tile look with help from Ceramic Tile Warehouse

With over one million tiles in stock, the Ceramic Tile Warehouse has plenty of floor tiles to choose from to create the mix and match patchwork look. As part of the Art of Living Group, you will also be able to speak to the Stone Gallery to add natural stone to your design. And, if you are adding patchwork floor tiles to a kitchen or bathroom, visit Park Street Interiors to find a range of fixtures and fittings to complement the style.

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