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Visit a Tile Warehouse for an Amazing Range of Tiles to Future-Proof your Home

When undertaking home improvements, it's easy to get carried away with current trends. Whilst it's lovely to have a contemporary, up-to-date home, if you're looking to create a space which is going to work for you for years to come, it's important to pick features and décor which will complement your home and go with any colour scheme, should you decide to change it in the future. Certain styles of tiles will work well for many years, and are therefore a great way of future-proofing your home.


Range of Tiles

Choosing Colours Carefully

It may be obvious, but by choosing neutral coloured tiles, accessories of any colour can be used within the room. This goes for both floor and wall tiles; neutral floor tiles will allow for any colour of sofa or furniture to sit on top of them, and wall tiles in both kitchens and bathrooms will work well with any shade of accessory.

This means that when the colour scheme becomes dated or is no longer to your taste, you can change just the wall colour or accessories, rather than having to re-tile. And remember that 'neutral' doesn't automatically mean 'boring': by visiting a tile warehouse you'll be exposed to a huge range of tiles in every shape, size and hue, and you could even pick a neutral-but-monochrome scheme; black, white and grey tiles will look great for years to come and can be perked up with vibrant accessories.


Big can be Best

Large tiles have long been associated with crisp, classic looks, and this trend is still making a statement: bathrooms look particularly smart and sleek when completely tiled with large, white tiles. Using glossy, oversized tiles basically creates a blank canvas within the room, and also reflects light into the space.

If you're looking to sell your home in years to come, why not visit the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Camberley for a great selection of large, simple tiles? This type of ceramic tile will appeal to everybody by their very nature: they create a neutral space and also require less maintenance in terms of cleaning, therefore instantly making your home more saleable.


In-Keeping with Classic Looks

Often the art of living within a period home and getting the look right is to maintain its classic features. Therefore, if you live in a period house, a great way of future-proofing it is actually to look to the past: for example, Victorian hallways bedecked with replica encaustic tiles look fantastically modern and yet in keeping with the house's original architecture and design at the same time. Similarly, country kitchens finished with porcelain-blue cottage-style wall tiles lend a homely feel to a house which won't date. The Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Surrey, stocks over a million tiles at any given time, so if you're after something a little unusual to compliment your home's character, it's worth popping in.


Bright Futures for Homes at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Camberley

Visiting a tile warehouse is a great way of selecting tiles for your home which will look up-to-date for years to come. With over a million tiles in stock, the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Surrey, is the perfect place to browse for tiles which really will stand the test of time, and what's more, as they are located within The Art of Living triangle, you can also pick stylish kitchens and bathrooms at Park Street Interiors and gorgeous natural stone at the Stone Gallery, at the same time and in the same place, to really make sure your home works for you for many years to come.

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