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How to Dress a Kitchen with Tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but kitchen renovations can be costly projects. Often it is the case that kitchen units are still perfectly serviceable, and the kitchen just needs a little bit of a lift to get it back to its fashionable self; one way of doing this is by 'dressing' the kitchen to suit current trends using tiles.


Tile Warehouse Camberley

Similarly, when choosing a new kitchen, for longevity reasons, it can be a wise move to pick a classic unit style but to keep the overall look modern with chic tiles, and in contrast to this, if a country cottage kitchen has a feel to it which is a bit too modern, traditional tiles can take it back to its period glory.

Dress it up or dress it down: the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, Surrey, will help you pick the perfect tiles to create the required kitchen look.


Classic Kitchen: Contemporary Tiles

Classic kitchen units, such as country or shaker styles, will stand the test of time. But if you want a kitchen with a contemporary twist, modern tiles can completely transform a classic kitchen to give it a stylish edge. Creating a splash-back and up-stand using either mosaic or brick tiles is one way of doing this. For an ultra-chic look, visit a specialist tile warehouse to view the large range of mosaic tiles on offer - glossy glass or metallic mosaics may take your fancy, for example, and will keep your kitchen looking classic yet current.

Sleek Kitchen: Simple Tiles

A great way of creating a streamlined, seamless look within the kitchen and lifting high-gloss units from ordinary to outstanding is to complement the look by using oversized, simple-yet-stylish tiles in a neutral colour; this technique instantly makes a room look brighter and bigger, and continues the highly contemporary look through from your units to your walls. To take this look to another level, use the same tiles for the walls and floor if possible - this will really create a seamless style. The Tile Warehouse, Camberley, stocks tiles which are suitable for both walls and floors, making this flawless look easy to achieve.

Characterless Kitchen: Charming Tiles

Kitchens in period homes or country cottages which are run-of-the-mill can feel a little sad and unloved. It can be lovely to bring a country kitchen back to its former glory, and an easy way of doing this is by using carefully chosen tiles. A tile warehouse will stock a range of tiles to enhance period features, from those in Mediterranean shades to create a warm, homely feel, through to whimsical patterned designs inspired by traditional ceramics and maybe even with specific designs - such as birds - printed on them. Tiles such as these lend a certain amount of charm to an unloved period kitchen; the art of living within such a home is to embrace its character, and character is exactly what these types of tile will inject into them.

Tiles and more to create your perfect kitchen

There is a lot to think about when creating your ideal kitchen, and the design is just a small part of it. A great way of making life simple is to be able to get all of the services you need in the same place. That's why the The Art of Living makes kitchen creation so straightforward: The Tile Warehouse, Camberley, is there for all your tile needs, and with over a million tiles in stock, you can take your tiles away with you that same day if need be - no need to wait for your kitchen creation to come to life! But what makes things even easier is that The Stone Gallery and Park Street Interiors are also located within the same triangle, and will therefore be on hand to help with any natural stone or kitchen design needs. Dress that kitchen with love and make your life simple while you're at it by visiting The Art of Living.

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