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Tile Inspiration: How to Use Tiles to Great Effect in the Home

Neutral colours and plain interiors have been en vogue for a few years now, but they're not everyone's cup of tea; every now and again it's nice to have a little splash of colour and pizzazz in our interior design.

Wall and floor tiles are an excellent way of achieving a pop of colour, whether in a plain neutral or monochrome scheme, or in an altogether more colourful design, or can just add interest to your home. Here are our favourite tile inspiration ideas – how will you use tiles within your home?


Ceramic Tiles

Eclectic collections

Patterned, Moorish and mosaic tiles have been popular for quite some time, but this doesn't mean that you have to use them in a traditional fashion; quite the opposite in fact, why not opt for an eclectic collection of all three types of tile together?

Mix patterned porcelain and ceramic tiles with glass and natural stone mosaics, such as travertine and limestone tiles, and beautiful Moorish and encaustic tiles too. How about a somewhat eccentric splash back, which doesn't conform to a regular shape, but instead has irregular edges and perhaps even layers the tiles one on top of the other in a slightly overlapped fashion for a 3D feel?

The key to making this look work is to keep the accent tones the same – so perhaps all tiles should have a hint of the same tone of green or brown in them – and then use a neutral base such as white or cream.


Black and white is the new black

Monochrome tiles in a geometric design are so on-trend at the moment that it's fair to say that black and white is the new black; whether you're using patterned tiles or plain black and white ceramic or porcelain tiles installed in a monochrome fashion, it's a brave look, but wouldn't look out of place in a luxurious bathroom or a high-end gloss kitchen.

Remember that you'll need accent colours to lift the scheme, such as striking mustard yellow or completely multicoloured pieces covered in retro 1980s inspired fabrics. For more inspiration, you can check out this upmarket look for kitchens and bathrooms at Park Street Interiors, who are also part of the Art of Living triangle, meaning fabulous monochrome tiles from us and beautiful interiors from them!

Back to nature with a hint of colour

Rustic inspired interiors have been around for a while, but if you're not a fan of earthy tones, feel free to add a splash of colour to a natural colour scheme. Blue tiles look fabulous with wood panelling for example, and encaustic floor tiles look wonderful when inset in a hardwood floor.

If you're after something particularly unusual, why not use plain floor tiles – natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, travertine and limestone tiles work particularly well – with a small amount of encaustic tiles to highlight a particular zone, for example, just six tiles in front of a floor-standing cooker, acting almost as a floor mat? Colour works well with nature inspired tones, so go ahead and experiment!

Get more tile inspiration within the Art of Living

If you've been inspired to use your tiles in a more unusual fashion, the Ceramic Tile Warehouse should be your first port of call. With over one million in-stock tiles at any given time, you'll have plenty to choose from – as well as advice and inspiration from our team of friendly staff.

More inspiration can also be provided within the Art of Living triangle in the form of natural stone tiles at the Stone Gallery and beautiful interiors to go with your chosen tile design at Park Street Interiors. So get your thinking cap on and decide how you will use your tiles!

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